Doug Duffey [vocal/piano]- born in Louisiana USA- has been playing piano, singing, and composing professionally since 1964. He is a member of the Louisiana Hall of Fame [2001] and the Blues Hall of Fame [2009] and Mahogany Hall [Bern Switzerland] 2013

Kelvin Bullen [guitar]- born in Trinidad but when young, his family moved to England. He has played guitar and bass since childhood. He has been active in the European music scene as a musician, arranger and composer.

Christian Spahni [bass]- born in 1987 Bern, Switzerland- studied violin for 14 years, [starting at the age of 7] at the Academy of Music, Jazz Department, Zurich and Bern. He studied bass at the Hochschule  Der Kunst, Bern 2008-2013. He was the 2012 winner of the Friedl Wald Scholorship.

Hani Ali [drums/percussion]- was born in Giza, Egypt. He has played drums since 1970. He studied jazz, Rock, Pop, at the Wiam school in Switzerland.

The formation of the Doug Duffey International Soul Band evolved over time- with the different members joining at different times. The band was finalized when all members were in place in 2005. They have performed together in concert  at  festivals music venues, clubs & hotels in Europe ever since.

Combining their love of- and experience in, soul, funk, rhythm & blues- with blues, gospel, jazz and old school rock n roll thrown in the mix- and adding their own individual approaches to the material- the band creates a global 'soul' sound uniquely their own. They are a modern day rock-n-soul band, but with an edge closer to jazz. With long improvisational solos and jams- bordering on "psychedelic jazz blues"- they and the music are ever expanding and evolving.  Their ‘high energy’ live shows are always an entertaining AND spiritual experience. They are ALL about SOUL; all about 'keeping it real'; about connecting with the audience through the music and by giving 100% at every concert.  Absolute crowd pleasers, they never fail to satisfy, get the audiences on their feet... and always leave them wanting more. The Doug Duffey Band is ‘the real thing’ and not to be missed!